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Cellscape Media

Cellscape is an immersive 3D, 360º experience that is best viewed with a VR headset, such as Google Cardboard. Headphones are recommended for the most immersive experience, especially with the guided audio tours.


Without a headset, you can still explore the environment by watching the video on the YouTube smartphone app, or by watching on YouTube in Google Chrome. Drag on the video, with your finger or the pointer, to look around.

Companion Media

Cellscape: VR Biology with Guided Audio Tour 
Cellscape: Guided Audio Tour for Kids
Cellscape: VR Experience without Narration 
Tour of the Cell: Explanation
Cellscape: The Story

If you're a teacher or you're using Cellscape in an educational setting, Tour of the Cell: Explanation is an excellent way to give students an orientation to the environment before or after they dive into the VR.

Cellscape: The Story describes the project, the collaboration, and the broader educational goals.

How to Watch Cellscape in a VR Headset

2. Tap "YouTube" icon on the video, to open in the YouTube app.

3. In the YouTube app, tap the VR Headset icon

4. Turn phone sideways and place in VR Headset

1. View this page on a smartphone 

First time watching Cellscape? Dive into one of the Guided Audio Tour to learn all about the environment!

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